UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

Location: Kolding Bibliotek, Slotssøvejen 4 6000 Kolding.
Date: 21.02.23 – 28.02.23
Opening reception: 22.02.2023, 15:00. 
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Searching for You


The celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the values of tolerance, understanding, peace, and harmony, and to explore the deeper aspects of our own selves. In the midst of the vast, swirling blues and shimmering rose highlights of this fluid art painting, there is a sense of searching, of seeking something beyond what we can see with our eyes.

The figures that rise and reach toward the sky are not just reaching for something external, but also for something within themselves. They are seeking to understand their place in the world, to discover their own unique path, and to find meaning and purpose in life. The deep blues of the painting give the impression of a vast and infinite space, like the universe within ourselves that we are constantly exploring.

The light rose highlights add a subtle yet eye-catching contrast, like a beacon of hope and inspiration that guides us on our journey of self-discovery. The fluid, abstract forms of the painting reflect the evolution of life itself, which is never static but always in flux. As we search for ourselves and our place in the world, we must embrace the changes and challenges that come our way, just as the paint on the canvas flows and shifts to create new patterns and designs.


The movement and flow of the painting mirror the energy and vitality of dance, as the figures seem to be moving in unison towards a common goal. Just as in dance, the painting reminds us that we can achieve remarkable things when we work together in harmony and support one another.

Finally, the dreamlike aspect of the painting suggests the limitless potential of our dreams. The painting encourages us to reach for the stars, to aspire to great things, and to never stop dreaming. It brings back the idea that we are all capable of achieving amazing things, and that by embracing the values of tolerance, understanding, peace, and harmony, we can make those dreams a reality