Ana Ionesi

Ana Ionesi, a self-taught artist specializing in fluid art, was born in the Republic of Moldova in 1988 and moved to Romania at the age of 5. In 2011, she settled in Denmark, where she currently resides with her family.

Ever since childhood, drawing, sketching, painting, or just scribbling on every blank piece of paper has been part of my routine. While in school, the back of my math notebook was a piece of art by itself. Turning an ordinary differential equation into a ninja fighter was my superpower. There is a strong connection between mathematics and art, so I find it difficult to say which one I love most. Nowadays, I continue to use math in my professional life as a data scientist, while the paints have found their refuge in my basement. Not with the intention to hide them, but to create an escape space, my haven, where I allow myself to lose track of time.

I love working with vibrant colors and high contrasts. My artistic process involves letting my imagination take the lead to create fluid art using acrylic paint. I find inspiration in everything around me, but I’m especially intrigued by people. To me, every individual is like a universe unto themselves, with unique stories that can be expressed in colors – from a single hue to a full rainbow.

My artwork is motivated by both our individual uniqueness and our shared experiences. Whether I’m depicting emotions, ideas, or a shared joke, my aim is to make art that invites viewers to engage with the piece and immerse themselves in the colors and forms I present. Through my art, I hope to inspire viewers to appreciate the present moment and the creative energy we all share.”